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Hardback Novel - FAT CHANCE
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TALK RADIO EUROPE Hannah Murray - The Book Program 'What a fantastic concept, and brilliantly written!  I couldn't put it down!' (Submitted after interview below)

 MIRANDA HART - 'I loved my literary romp with the fabulous Lyndsay Russell.  Two words - SUCH FUN!'




STAR MAGAZINE This novel will strike a chord with anyone who's not

perfect - pretty much all of us, then! **** FOUR STARS

LIFETIMES magazine - '...funny wicked satire on size 0, the fashion industry, advertising industry, high society and even Hollywood!'



Dec 2011. 384 p. IPG/Oldcastle, paperback, $13.95. (9781842432730).

Sharon Plunkett’s weight has been a constant source of anxiety. She has tried every diet, pill, and cream, but the needle on the scale refuses to budge. Bombarded with advertising images of stick-thin women selling everything from yogurt to diamonds, Sharon has become increasingly frustrated by herself and her surroundings. When she comes across a too-good-to-be-true treatment in the back of a magazine one day, she figures she has nothing to lose—except for all that weight. Surprisingly, the highly unorthodox treatment changes more than Sharon’s weight. It changes her entire life. Russell’s first novel is a clever satire of today’s celebrity-obsessed, thin-is-in world. Sharon is a highly sympathetic narrator, and this poignant Cinderella tale comes with some decidedly hard truths. Clever observations give the fanciful tale solid footing, and her sharp and richly textured novel confronts a variety of image-related themes with wit and humor. —Stephanie Turza


LBC Radio - ‘Hilariously funny - I highly recommend it’.

Talk Sport National radio 
‘Like Harry Potter …this is going to fly off the shelf!’ CLIP.mp3

Take A Break ‘Curl up with this book!  Very imaginative and at times sad... a perfect, filling winter read!’ 

ELLE Magazine  -  “Smart look at the size 0 debate that’s more funny than preachy!”

The Sun - Natasha Harding '...I loved it"
(review  November issue)

OK! Hot Stars **** (Four stars)

Time & Leisure - Editor  A summer must!...  Fabulous feast to enjoy.  A wicked satire that's bound to make you laugh whatever your size!' 

BBC Southern Counties
- Gordon Astley

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TAKE A BREAK - Fiction Feast 


LBC Radio Andrew Pierce - Starts at 3min 14 seconds pierce lyndsay.mp3

 "It's hilarious - I highly recommend it!"


Chloe Marshall - Miss Teen Britain and MISS ENGLAND runner up (despite being size 16-18)

"I absolutely loved it.  I couldn't put it down - I related to so many things Sharon went through. Will there be a sequel?"



Time & Leisure - Nov issue 


ELLE magazine - November 2008 issue  Alex Hemminsley



 THE SUN - Sept 2008   (Circulation 3.2 million)

 Natasha Harding:  "...I loved it."



 Talk Sport National Radio  Ian Collins: "Like Harry Potter  ... this is going to fly off the shelf!"


OK Magazine/HOT STARS - August 2008  Four stars... "The book really  stood out..."

- Louise Purser 




Guardian - Kingston 


Time & Leisure  - Surrey edition  Editor:  "A wicked satire bound to make you laugh whatever your size"